Monday, January 30, 2006

U.S. seeking to woo Sunnis from Iraqi terror groups

"WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration has begun a concerted effort in Iraq to "peel away" certain Sunni insurgents from foreign terrorist cells, even referring to the targeted groups as "political resistance" that might be persuaded to join the permanent government.

The Pentagon strategy centers on frequent behind-the-scenes talks among U.S. military and embassy personnel, elected and appointed Iraq leaders, and tribal chiefs with influence over insurgents.

A senior defense official described the process as twofold -- demonstrating to Sunni Muslim fighters that no hope of military victory exists and encouraging overtures from pro-U.S. Iraqis to Sunnis to join the political process.

"We are trying to peel off the insurgency from the foreign fighters" led by Jordanian-born Abu Musab Zarqawi, the senior defense official said. "A counterinsurgency policy has to have a political process it can channel the insurgents into. ... This is the counterinsurgency campaign that is going on.""
World Peace Herald
Well if Bush can pull this one off, I'll forgive him "some" of his past transgressions.


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