Monday, January 30, 2006

See you in Hell Douglas Barber

"Raise a glass to Douglas Barber, he finally lost his battle almost two years after his tour in the kitty litter. The cops even got dash cam of him chewing on a shot gun. Guess Alabama’s finest didn’t comply with suicide by cop. Doug did an about face with a snap and went out in style.

Should we bother keeping the score after regulation? Is that one up for the insurgents or one for the US? It feels like I never picked a side and everyone is against me. Douglas must have figured shit was stacked against him. You can’t fend off Ali Baba awake and asleep for the rest of your life.

Sounds to me that Barber got the shaft on the way out the door. Went a little batty after getting his boots on the ground here in the real world. The board diagnosed him with Personality Disorder instead of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You see if they write in Personality Disorder, Adjustment, or Anxiety Disorder, they claim that your mental illness was a condition you had previous to going to war. Saves some tax payer money and the government isn’t liable. Despite the fact that, the twenty odd years you lived before service you were fine, when you entered into the service and went to your medical/psychological physical at MEPS you were a GO, and even the days right prior to going to war you checked out okay when you did a pre-deployment evaluation. But apparently, you are so fucking nuts and always have been that you have some severe mental illness making you unfit for most civilian deployment...
...The Heretic

Douglas Barbers suicide note

Douglas Barber's Blog "Soldier For Truth""
Fight to Survive


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