Sunday, January 29, 2006

Iraq's "so-called patriotic resistance"

"Newsweek magazine has just run an article shedding light on what it says are high level talks between US officials (likely military) and senior figures in the Iraqi resistance.

Since August, I have been highlighting the shift in rhetoric and dynamic in how the US refers to the Iraqi resistance.

The Newsweek article is very telling.

For example, "The groups include Baathist cells and religious Islamic factions, as well as former Special Republican Guards and intelligence agents, according to a U.S. official with knowledge of the talks."

This marks the first time US officials admit that Special Republican Guards are part of the Iraqi resistance. This was known to most of us and indeed declared at a time when the media, and the blind pro-war supporters, howled the word insurgent, insurgent, insurgent.

"We want things from the U.S. side, stopping misconduct by U.S. forces, preventing Iranian intervention," said one prominent insurgent leader from a group called the Army of the Mujahedin ... "

So, from this statement we can conclude that the factor unifying both US forces and Iraqi resistance is Iranian interventionism in Iraq. Particularly in the highest echelon's of the inadequately named "Iraqi government"."
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