Sunday, January 29, 2006

Anonymous Voices Speak The Truth

"I ran across an interesting article in El Nuevo Herald's Sunday edition regarding anonymous e-mails sent by Cubans to journalist Pablo Alfonso. The accounts and revelations of the messengers aren't surprising to those of us that know the reality of life in Cuba, but they are worth repeating for all to see.

Allow me to daydream a little on this Sunday afternoon...

Imagine if the ticker at the U.S. Interests Section could be used to display messages from frustrated Cubans. They could walk up to the Interests Section, leave their message, and it would be displayed on the ticker.

If this were to ever become a reality, some of what would be displayed would likely look a lot like what Alfonso writes in his article, which I have translated as closely as possible and appears below (emphasis is mine).

This article is proof that Cubans know what's going on in their ruined country, embargo or no embargo, sanctions or no sanctions. The article is written in a bit of a disjointed style that may be hard to grasp at first, but the general idea comes across nevertheless."
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