Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Washington calls for Denmark to shut down Kurdish TV station

"COPENHAGEN (AFP) - Washington has asked Denmark to shut down a local Kurdish television station which is under investigation for links to separatist Kurdish rebels in Turkey, Danish media reported Monday.

"We strongly urge the Danish government to shut down and freeez the assets of Roj TV, Mesopotamia TV and MBMG," the United States said in a confidential request to the ministry of foreign affairs, according to Danish daily Berlingske Tidende."
The Kurdistani
Like I was just saying, this administration is it's worst enemy. So Al-jazeera gets away with murder, literally, but the Kurds fighting for respect, freedom, and equality, should have their voice stifled. I'm starting to think that the only way we will ever win the WoT is by a regime change here at home. How do we start one of those petitions to support the Kurdish station and the rights of the Kurds stuck in Turkey. The bloggers should raise their voice of discontent with this stupidity.


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