Monday, November 21, 2005

Power to the People

"Written by Sgt. Jason Mikeworth, 207th MPAD

Power to the people. For the Soldiers of the 30th Engineer Brigade and the Air Force’s Design Team 15 (DET 15), 732nd Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron, this is a mission, not a slogan, as they work to improve the flow of electricity for military bases stretching from Talafar to Taji.

“The mission of our team is to support the 30th with engineer projects in the northern-half of Iraq,” said Air Force Capt. Jon Wahlgren, an electrical engineer with DET 15. “We do design plans and specifications for projects for troop construction and contractor work.”

Wahlgren and his Army counterpart Maj. Anthony Centore focus their energy on providing energy to customer units, working on projects from the electrical source at power sub-stations right down to the individual light switches servicemembers use.“I’ve done everything from small things like rewiring a room that was being remodeled, rewiring whole buildings, all the way up to the design of power grids for some of these enduring bases,” Wahlgren said."
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