Monday, November 21, 2005

Barzani: If I was in Hewler I would have “slapped Amrou Mussa in the mouth”

"London ( – Upon his arrival to Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the president of southern Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan), told reporters that he would have “slapped” the head of the Arab League, Amrou Mussa “in the mouth” if he was present during the latter’s speech at the Kurdistani parliament in October, in which Amrou Mussa described “Kurdistan” as part of the “Arabic nation”, reported the Kurdish newspaper, Aso.

According to the Suleimani-based Kurdish newspaper, Aso, Massoud Barzani was asked by a journalist about his reaction on Amrou Mussa’s comment in which he described “Kurdistan as an important part of the Arab nation” in the Kurdistani capital of Hewler in October. The Kurdistani president has replied “During my press conference with Amrou Mussa, he did not dare to mention such a thing, and if I was at the Kurdistani parliament in Hewler during his comment I would have slapped him in the mouth”."
The Kurdistani


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