Saturday, November 19, 2005

"See You in Rubble"

"I’ve been working continuously for the last couple of months on some projects concerning the Iraqi marshlands and their environmental management, and I seriously looked like a caveman today when I looked at my face in the mirror, I didn’t shave my beard for a couple of weeks, and didn’t cut my hair for the last three months!

I finished one of the projects this morning, and sent the CDs off. Then I had a very short haircut by my favorite barber: Niki! Then I was planning to spend this night relaxing and taking a break from my exhausting work. I took my telescope to our patio, turned off the lights and started watching the moon and searching for some planets. Watching the moon at this time of the month is the best, you can actually see the craters very clearly because of the shadows. The worst time for watching the moon, ironically, is when it’s full because it looks too plain.

The long story short, I had an unexpected visit by a big raccoon while I was “telescoping”! This is the first time in my life that I see a raccoon! The poor thing freaked out and thought I was hiding to attack it or something, maybe because I was so silent in the dark, so it looked aggressive and hostile. So I decided to call it a night and come back to the house and blog!"
Raed in the Middle
Watch out Raed those raccoons can be rabid.


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