Thursday, November 17, 2005

The allegations of torturing detainees

"The accusation of the Iraqi interior ministry of torturing and exposing the detainees to starvation and malnourishment has been used for political purposes by some groups in and outside Iraq whether these allegations are true or not.

First we should know whether these detainees are terrorists who perpetrated and executed operation by which they killed innocent Iraqis or political prisoners. The answer is so simple, that in Iraq today there are no political prisoners unlike during Saddam Hussein regime. Therefore those detainees are either criminals who killed the Iraqis or among those who helped them. However we have to assume that some may be just under investigation and not among them though unlikely because the prison seems to be used for those who already have been accused about major crimes."
Sam is ordering a new cadi for Sistani, he said the one he gave him a year ago has lost that new car smell.


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