Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why Joe's Hate the Media and Other Wandering Thoughts on Iraqistan.

"You come in from a 3 hour firefight to sit in a chow hall as nice and clean as anything at home. The place belongs to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) of brass, mostly colonels, generals, and their assistants. You walk in covered in the aftermath of battle hoping the chow is as good as what you heard and only caring about that cheesecake you hope they have. You walk the gauntlet of “soft” MOSs who gawk and whisper about your appearance. Everyone is dirty, some of it isn’t dirt and the blood on you isn’t always American. You’ve finally got some coffee and you get comfortable; you choose the TV with CNN tuned in and the usual story comes over...controlled blast in Baghdad. For those who don’t know a controlled blast is when EOD blows a dangerous explosive in place. "
Candle in the Dark


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