Monday, November 21, 2005

The Blood Just Won't Come Off Sites's Hands

"Nothing has angered me more than Kevin Sites's cheap-shot reporting of the shooting of the terrorist in the mosque during Operation Phantom Fury (Fallujah II, November 2004). Several times now Sites has tried to explain himself while everyone can plainly see what kind of person he is. Sites was willing to play judge and jury against a Marine in the middle of a bloody battle. He sold his soul for his 15 minutes of fame."
Iraqi bloggers Central
My comment follows:

I don't think people are being fair, I was a long time reader of Site's and anyone can see the last report and come to any conclusion they want. I for one will continue to see him as a good reporter, one that does not hide in a hotel to get the story second hand. If you ask me there was nothing wrong with his last report, sure people freaked, but those are simple minded people that don't like to see a kill live on TV. I find it hard to believe that of all people, you here at IBC would join in on the Burn on Site crowd. Where will it end.


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