Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Syria Deploys 7,000 to Block Infiltrators

"Syria has deployed 7,000 troops along its border with Iraq to forestall its territory being used as for transit to Iraq by radical jihadi volunteers. The Baath government of Syria is dominated by esoteric Alawite Shiites. Both their minority, Shiite background and Baath secularism lead the Syrian elite to be extremely alarmed at the rise of radical Sunnism in Iraq, fearful that it could blow back on Damascus. In 1982, the Syrian regime killed 10,000 persons in Hama, claiming that they were radical Sunnis bent on overthrowing the regime and instituting a theocracy. The London Times explains the attractions of the Syrian route for the jihadis."
Juan Cole
Now they worry about the Sunnies, they waited till now to deploy troops to the border crossing points, yea sure we are going to believe that one.

The last post in the border crossing series


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