Saturday, June 18, 2005

The way towards the country of the two rivers

"I Stumbled across this (Route description to enter Iraq illegally) in one of the Islamic forums, I made it available for the public to read and make use it or forward it to any authority (Police, Military…….etc) to prevent the insurgents from killing people. I publish it as it is without any editing or spellchecking, by publishing what I found I am not responsible of the content my aim is to save some lives and I hope it helps. (LadyBird)"
Baghdad Dweller
Damn ladybird I was just taling about this subject the other day. But I never expected to get AAA Jihad travel Guide books. Maybe it's been posted over at al-JihadMapQuest .com all along.


Anonymous Ladybird said...

I even found a French version the guide

7:02 PM  

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