Tuesday, June 21, 2005

US troops do kill Iraqi children

"They [the pictures] indicate that a group of U.S. soldiers planted weapons — the same weapon, in fact — in front of killed, wounded, and captured Iraqi kids. I cannot authenticate whether Mr. Hersh is correct and that the teens in question were innocent or not, but clearly, something significant is amiss. At the very least, it indicates how uncertain the situation is over there. Our soldiers literally do not know who the enemy is, and apparently are willing to manipulate the evidence in order to justify their actions."

Read the rest and see the images here

(Thank you Nadia)"
Baghdad Dweller
Warning the pictures are graphic even for me. I did not even post the one on the cover. If you want to see them follow the links.

Also don't anyone read over the disclaimer, mainly
" the inconclusive nature of what happened"

I have decided to link this story to the Milblogger memo series. You might ask yourself why? well if you follow the links all the way to the first post in that series, I predict the publication of just this kind of story.


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