Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The minister of health get stoned in Najaf.

"Yesterday and while the minister of health was visiting Najaf he and his guards were stoned and beaten near the holy shrine of Imam Ali by Najafis. There are two stories for this incident.

The minister of health, Dr. Abdul Muttalib Mohammed Ali is one of the Sadirists that got appointed as a minister in the new government along with three others. The relation between Najafis and Sadirists have been very bad since Muqtada Al Sadr brought his Mehdi Army to occupy the city months ago and was only driven out by the Iraqi and American forces. Immediately after the Mehdi Army left Najaf, hundreds of Najafis went out to the streets to welcome the Iraqi forces and condemn Muqtada and his men chanting things like, "Muqtada the trash, leader of the looters"."
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