Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wrong Message

"Some Congressmen are calling for a timetable to pull out from Iraq. I believe it is a wrong message in a wrong time to be sent to the insurgents. Logically, the insurgents have no chance to win the struggle with the MNF on the ground, but they could if they sought humbug. For that they are working hard to obtain support from anyone. The insurgents are trying to gain aid from the Arab League, Islamic states, EU, UN, neighboring countries, media, clerics, organizations, individuals…etc. President Bush once said that if his homeland was invaded, he would resist the invaders fiercely. The insurgents & their mouthpieces are tenaciously clinging to what Mr. Bush said to justify their crimes. The insurgency consists of several factions. The baathists & saddamians embody themselves in these factions. The baathists & saddamians are the most powerful group among them. Pulling out from Iraq will cause these groups to appear on the ground & regain power. The baathists are good in deception, so they are expected to turn against their allies, of the present time, and wipe them out."
Ibn Alrafidain


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