Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Condi Can't Count

"As for the political process, , it is moving with the speed of molasses in winter. Sunni Arab groups who were given the opportunity to appoint 15 members to a committee for the drafting of a permanent constitution have been wrangling over how exactly to appoint them."
How is this a bad thing? It's bad enough that they are not elected to anything, at least they should be appointed or recommended by some mainstream groups, so that they "some legitimacy" which in the end, think referendum on the constitution, produce better results.
"As for getting anyone over at the UN to take on Iraq, I fear I think there are few third world armies that couldn't be enticed by a couple of billion dollars-- the kind of money they would probably be rewarded with if they really could help Iraq."
Juan Cole
Yea right that's in the best interest of Iraq. Sure why not, just look around the world at all the places where that has worked. Wait, there are no places in the world were that has ever worked, unless the bulk of the forces were in fact US and current coalition to begin with.


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