Thursday, June 30, 2005

AIDS ? a foreign plot against Kurds !

"Or how to be as so stupid as most of states in the world which had waited for a serious epidemic to acknowledge that... ahem... yeah, at home also... Thus, according to the Kurdish newspaper Hawlatî, 61 HIV cases have been reported in Silêmanî. This number would have been quoted by the Department Police of the city, some high ranked people having made a memo about the issue.

Is it so surprising for a worldwide epidemic ? We could even say that 61 is few and it would be interesting to search other cases in ALL the country.

But the minister of Health has - of course - denied everything, saying that there is NO HIV case in Kurdistan. Absolutely none. When virus is going to pass the border it realizes that it goes to Kurdistan and runs away."
KBU -Piling


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