Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's Happening In Basra

"Before I left to Dallas, Big pharaoh sent me a link from an Iraqi newspaper that reported the closing of Al-Sadr's offices in Basra. I sent the news to my friend in Basra. She sent me back this reply:

But, I've asked at that time about this special news. Were the offices of Al-Sader closed in Basra?

The answer was no...

...So, as you can see even if Al-Sader is out of there, 10 more will move in. It's no use. It's in their heads to destroy things that I cannot see it in another people. Islamic or not. No matter what you do. No matter how much good things you do for them, they still have bad souls, thinking bad thoughts (DIRTY THOUGHTS might be the right word).

Here's my prediction for the next Iraqi elections. The religious parties will lose MANY votes. The Sunnis and minorities will participate in big numbers. Some Iraqis won't be pleased with the results. But, it will definitely drive Iraq in a different and better direction.

Each time I read the news from Basra, I keep wondering how the Kurds got it right while parts of Iraq are drifting to a very conservative society. It may have to do with the geography and climate of Kurdistan."
Iraqi in America


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