Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Don't Worry, Faiza Jarrar Has the Answer!

"Faiza Jarrar has returned to her penthouse apartment in Amman, Jordan, her "second home." The best parts of her latest blog entry are those personal encounters she has with other students at the "peace building" seminar and with Americans she meets on the train to Washington, D.C. Then there's a section where Faiza steps back, looks at the big picture, and asks some very good questions:

How come that we, Arab Muslims, have lived since thousands of years with Christians and other religions, in our countries in peace, without violence?
Why weren't we terrorists all our lives? Why was a deformed picture of Islam sent there? Why did the American government support manufacturing that deformed picture? Why was that picture used in the Media, so that whenever the word "Islam" comes into the news broadcast, we hear words like "extremist" or "fundamental" with it? As our British teacher…..from South Africa says?
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