Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Day From Hell

"At 9:30 today, I wad awakened by a mobile call from my cousin.. He asked me if anyone was home with me but I couldn't tell since I was too sleepy and didn't know if mom had to go to the college.. He told me to wake HNK up and go downstairs to somewhere safe since a bomb was placed somewhere in front of the house.. That was not weird for me though, few days ago, I was awakened by mom for s similar reason."
A Star from Mosul
Here they go again, one thing you can say about theses terrorist, their consistent, they keep blowing up bombs right next to their most loyal supporters. To tell the truth I like Aunt Najma, she's such an articulate opinionated young person, who would not like her. Unfortunately she has not been able to see past her own life, But who can blame her, it's so much easier for me sitting here, than life is for her right now sitting there.
But she's smart, so I think that there will come the day when we might come to a point where we can see eye to eye. Time will tell.


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