Monday, May 16, 2005

ME Time.....

""I need some privacy" were words that shocked me to my core. What do you mean, I asked??? I need time, time just for myself he said. But you ARE alone in Iraq, you have all the time in the world there, all the time without ME. No, he answered, Im never alone there, you can never be ALONE there,always surrounded by people by thoughts of survival. At work its colleagues, in the trailer its my mate,in the streets its mortars. I need time, ME time...."
Nuerotic Iraqi Wife
Sound familiar? Poor Hubby, How long has he been in Iraq now?
With just a few breaks now and then, the guy has been on duty, rebuilding Iraq as some kind of Iraqi American civilian, for what I think must be going on two years. And he's not going anywhere soon, She is on her way there too him To start thier married life together.. How long can the guy go till he snaps.
My advise, seek the opinion of a professional.


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