Monday, May 16, 2005

Operation Hands Full

"When I first got here I was on night guard duty for a few months and worked alongside some of the Iraqi soldiers. I began to hand things out to them, mostly extra things from care packages. They loved it. They had never received anything from Americans and were excited to receive things. After I got off of guard duty, I continued to hand out items through an Iraqi interpreter and through people who are still on guard duty. It’s been a great way to build goodwill and I’d like to continue and expand on it.

If you’d like to participate, this is how it works:"
Steven Kiel
Now this is something I can recommend to my readers. If you would like to participate, you can do so without giving it a second though. Nothing you send in here will go to the hands of any terrorist, but to the hands of people as opposed to terrorism as we are. So if your interested please click on the link and find out more. Thanks in advance to any that contribute.


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