Monday, May 16, 2005

"I was supposed to go to the university today because I have very important things to do, but when I woke up I was very lazy and tired and decided to shower and leave a bit late.
after I dressed up and left the house a friend called me from the university:
F: Khalid where are you
me: I am coming I m coming!
F: DON'T!!!
me: whyyy???
F: something exploded in the university now, some people were killed and some were injured, they evacuated the university, DON'T COME.
me: OMG! Where when how why???"
Tell me a Secret
Looks like no one is immune from the threat of terror, even if you support the terrorist. Then again, someone woke up late on the morning of the attack, Khalid did your friends keep you up late? Maybe not, but don't forget to send them more medical supplies, and the general public should donate without fear that the money is going directly to funding terrorist attacks, at this point were they are attacking thier own supporter's directly, even I might donate. Khalid how much should I send in?


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