Friday, December 03, 2004

The madness of it all

I was reading ginmar, and she was on a rant about the Equal Protection Clause and gay rights and she had a link to something about Alabama, so I just had to look, and to my horror I found this little quote

"When asked about Tennessee Williams' southern classic "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," [Rep. Gerald Allen, the writer of the bill] said the play probably couldn't be performed by university theater groups"

These people have to be stopped, or at least they will have to give out free marshmallows at the upcoming book burning festivals. One or the other.


Blogger TFWnews said...

Insurgents stormed a police station in Baghdad

9:58 PM  
Blogger TFWnews said...

"BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The lumbering, low-tech observation balloon, first used on Civil War battlefields, is making a comeback in Iraq. But this time around it's packed with zoom-lens video cameras and thermal imagers."

9:45 AM  
Blogger TFWnews said...

The attacks in Mosul and Baghdad, following a brief period of relative calm after the American-led offensive in Falluja last month, made clear that the rebels' resources are far from spent

10:04 AM  
Blogger TFWnews said...

It's all about the "delay"

10:11 AM  

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