Friday, December 03, 2004

I Fought in Iraq and All I Got Was This Shitty Necklace

"While the BC was on the radio trying to find himself a truck, we did some traffic stops. Any chance we get to pull vehicles over, we take advantage of. The more random the occasion, the better. The less predictable we are about traffic stops, the more effective of a deterrent it is for insurgents to use the highway to transport their evil wares. And you won't believe some of the stuff we find this way. On this particular night, we found a car that had a large cardboard box completely stuffed full of stacks of Iraqi cash. They claimed the money had something to do with the Olympic soccer game. (Winnings perhaps?) There was nothing else incriminating in the car and they didn't seem very scumbagish, so it was decided to just let them go. Our night was already deep into the realm of clusterfuck and no one was eager to fill all the witness statements this amount of cash would require."


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