Friday, December 03, 2004

forgive and forget

"Today CNN ran and excellent piece on the Kurds, showing the reconstruction and the new computer labs, where women are learning computers and life is busy, the streets are full and life is thriving. This American soldier was on, and he was so happy he was in could tell. He said something like, they protect us here (like this guy with full armor and a bunch of fire power on him needs protecting:)). He said there are secret police here (that would be the Peshmerga) and if anything happens they take care of it before we even know about it. YES! That would be the people that suddenly appear out of no where with AK's. It's quite clear to me that the US soldiers know that the Kurds are not the same as the people they are fighting in the South. I just hope it continues to make it to the news so the world knows this too. I wrote to CNN to thank Nic Robertson for his piece, I hope you will do the same. The more encouragement they get for doing great work, the more they cover the Kurds. They don't like to be criticized, so it's just best to reward them for doing good stories on Kurds."


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