Friday, December 03, 2004


"I’ve been trying to be more acquainted with American people through the internet which I started using it since few months before the recent war of 2003. I was, and still, wondering why we deal with the Americans, or the western in general, as enemies. So I started to gain pen pals from all over the world using the internet. For my amazement, I discovered that these people, especially the Americans, are wonderful, helpful and friendly. One should distinguish between the foreign policy of the administration of a certain country and its people.
Let’s look forward to a day in the near future. A day on which the Iraqi people receive guests from all over the glob saying (Ahlan Wa Sahlan) which means welcome.And till that day comes allow me to be your host in this humble blog saying to all visitors (Ahlan Wa Sahlan), your visits and comments please me."


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