Tuesday, May 30, 2006


"I hopped on my computer (or actually, hopped on the computer of the guy who's on leave but has a really nice Internet connection) this morning and decided to check my email. Now, normally I average about 4-5 emails per day (not counting the neverending accursed spam mail), but today I had 85 new messages. WTF, over?
Then I started reading them, and realized that most (99%) of them were comments on my blog. Okay, now I was seriously in "WTF"-mode. Since when do I get over 100 viewers in a day, let alone 100 comments?? So, I took a look at my web statistics.
Ummm... 2000 hits?? In one day?? Did I miss something? So, I started reading through the comments and discovered what happened. Apparently, someone from Instapundit linked to this blog,"
BoB on the FOB
I guess my link does not have the same effect :(


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