Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Milblogger of the Week (May 24th): Doc in the Box

This week`s Milblogger of the Week is Sean of Doc in the Box. Sean is a Navy Corpsman out of San Diego with a Marine unit. He`s currently deployed to Iraq. He’s been milblogging for quite some time. Based strictly on his blog archives, his blog has been around since January 2004, about the same time I started blogging from Afghanistan. Now, except for the time I watched 80 episodes straight of "Full House" during a marathon or the time I swam across the Atlantic ocean, I have never done any one thing this long...

From the Milblogging.com - Weekly Newsletter
I had no idea the Doc was back in the Box, I used to read his blog all the time, though I hate that floating clock thingy, but anyway I have added him back to the rotation.


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