Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Good morning…
The formation of the new Iraqi government was announced, after more than five months of negotiations between the various rivals who participated in the elections, to reach the least minimum level of agreement.
The Interior and Defense Ministries remained without announcing the names of their respective ministers, as the debate still goes on, to choose professional characters, unbiased to their Parties, like what happened in the former Interior Ministry, with the Minister's partiality to his Party, and the sect he belongs to. And many transgressions and assaults took place against another sect. And whenever he was asked, he denied his knowledge of the crimes committed by the personnel of his Ministry, saying; these people do not belong to the Ministry, even though they wear the official uniforms of the Police force, and use cars and the official mobile phones of the Ministry. And so was the case when the scandal of the cellar belonging to his Ministry was uncovered, with detainees in it, and he promised to carry out an investigation, but we didn't hear a thing.
And the good news here is; that this Minister, with all his bad reputation now in the hearts of Iraqis, will receive another Ministerial portfolio in the new permanent Ministry, as if nothing happened.
So; why do they say Saddam Hussein killed the Iraqis, and it is time to get even with him?"
A Family in Baghdad


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