Tuesday, February 28, 2006

US Visa: Plea for Iraqi Grandmother Pearl

"I was thinking about going on sabbatical because of the losing of a person who is very dear to me, as close to the artery in my neck; it has been very difficult situation the past few months. It was a case of a missing person (which is the hardest experience in life) and finally an unhappy outcome last week. In my deepest grief, Anwar shook me out of my grief and wrote to me about one of Our sisters in Iraq who needs surgery, but was denied a visa for medical care and I knew life does not hold sabbaticals for me, she needs help. So..no sabbatical for me, we just have to keep going, somehow, and today it is about Sahira.

Below, I will post the information concerning this tragic situation below, but before that, I would like to write about people in a war zone. When we see the Iraq War many people just see the top surface. I ask the Congress, the White House, the State Department and the Embassies (US Embassy in Jordan, click here) handling visas to go below the surface of the iceberg, we call Iraq."
Pearl of Iraq


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