Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baghdad Returns to 'Normal', Night Skirmishes Continue

"Life in Baghdad slowly returned to normal this morning after the extended curfew was lifted, while the Defense Ministry ordered Iraqi armoured units to take positions in several areas of Baghdad. A spokesman for the ministry added that the armoured vehicles will fly the Iraqi flag, as a symbol of Iraqi unity. However, the Iraqi army will not patrol the areas of Dora, Bayaa', Abu Dshir, Al-Amil and Salman Pak, since these were the Interior ministry's 'areas of responsibility,' according to the military spokesman.

I witnessed four of these vehicles in my area today.

Although the Iraqi Army (or National Guard) is often targeted by insurgent attacks, it should be mentioned that most Iraqis tend to have higher trust in them, compared to the notorious Interior Ministry forces (Maghaweer Al-Dakhiliya). The Interior Ministry forces were formed early last year as special forces or commando units to backup regular army units. The earliest unit was the renowned Wolf Brigade, trained by US forces and comprised of elite members of the former Iraqi special forces. It operated in Sunni governorates and helped restore order in Mosul."
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