Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The wicked warmongers

"A cousin of mine, a physician, who lives in the Dora section of Baghdad told me that he has been saying the shahada each day before leaving his house to go to the hospital. He does so because he has no idea whether he will come home alive to his wife and children. He is terribly worried about the violence in recent days. And when the BBC reports that there has been a barrage of mortar attacks in Dora today, killing 16 and injuring 40, I can't say I blame him. I tried to telephone today but have been unable to get through so far.

The violence in Iraq is bad enough to raise serious concerns about the possiblity of an open civil war. But at least the leaders of Iraq have agreed to work together.

From what I can see, Iraqis are working towards calming the tensions among a people who have been dealing with extremely difficult conditions since the U.S. invasion of three years ago. At the same time, I see a media that are determined to find a civil war in Iraq at any cost. The New York Times claims that the young clerics are having more influence these days than Sistani. But didn't the same newspaper just report that even Moktada Al Sadr is calling for calm? So where is the evidence that Moktada's influence is greater than Sistani's? Seems to me that it is quite possible that Sistani told Moktada to stop his nonsense."


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