Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006!

"It is 2006 since the birth of Christ however more than 2560 according to the Persian calendar, more than 2600 according to the Sumerian calendar, and similar or more according to some other ancient calendars.

Millions of years according to the age of the earth and God know for how-long based on the age of the universe.

Years represent a new start or plans for us however the concept of time and its continuity is one process that we tend to divide or separate to achieve certain goals or record a new term. It could be anything like a study or a business or any other term.

For Iraq we wish the 2006 will be a new term for reconstruction, peace, prosperity and stability for its own and the region.

We wish the 2006 is a year of prosperity to all mankind for less war, less poverty, more peaceful and prosperous to every one.

These are just wishes however"


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