Friday, December 30, 2005

Shiite Family of 11 beheaded

"Pro-wahabi terrorists slaughtered Shiite family in the south of Baghdad. The family consist 11 members lived for many years in a Sunni dominated area. They received threats to leave the area over the last few weeks however they got no where to go and leaving their property and business. Six Sunni pro-wahabi terrorists attacked the family and slaughtered all of them by beheading all the 11 members.

By this time when Iraq needed a quick and stable government based on the result of the last election the Sunni groups and some of the pro-Bathists like Iyad Allawi trying to hinder the democratic process and impose their agenda and parties irrespective of the election results. The UN representatives and the Higher Electoral commission declared that there are no major breaches about the election however they stated that minor violation did happen which will not affect the results and its results will not be taken in account."


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