Sunday, October 30, 2005

US 'had no policy' in place to rebuild Iraq

"The US government had "no comprehensive policy or regulatory guidelines" in place for staffing the management of postwar Iraq, according to the top government watchdog overseeing the country's reconstruction.

The lack of planning had plagued reconstruction since the US-led invasion, and been exacerbated by a "general lack of co-ordination" between US government agencies charged with the rebuilding of Iraq, said Stuart Bowen, the special inspector-general for Iraq reconstruction, in a report released on Sunday."
So what's new?
I think the only plan this administration ever had was called fly-paper strategy, and as far as I can tell the sticky part of that is over, the only thing left is the permanent disposal part. As far as I know, remember I have been out of it for a week, and things, lots of things could have changed. Even though from what I have been reading about the white house tonight, my earlier prediction of a melt down looks to have been right on the mark. So I think they will try to quiet down the background noise for a while. This is good for Iraq and the Iraqis, unless of course they deiced to just cut it lose altogether, or forget all about it, or something stupid like that... we shall see in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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