Sunday, October 30, 2005

Victims of insurgents in Iraq top 26,000

"The United States military has for the first time admitted that it is keeping records of Iraqi deaths as it disclosed that it estimates 26,000 to have been killed or injured by insurgents since January last year.

The data, released without fanfare in a report compiled by the Pentagon for the US Congress, says casualties, which include Iraqi police and soldiers as well as civilians, have risen from about 26 a day on last Jan 1 to 64 a day in the run-up to this month's constitutional referendum.

Attacks by insurgents have also tripled from just under 200 a week at the start of 2004 to more than 650 now."
We knew this, cb told us as much way back when. It's always been why I believe he was shut down. Maybe now that the book is out, and who knows if it's selling, that they figured hiding the facts just would not do.

Score one for the blogger.


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