Sunday, October 30, 2005

Utility update

The electric is back, phone still has some noise but it's working. The cables outside the house are hanging because the storm pulled the anchor off the wall so I'll have to have all the companies out to secure the wires, but that is about the extent of the damage around here, well that and my car port and old generator.

The city has been coming back to life over the past week gas has become available and stores are open. Amazingly traffic has not been too bad all week. People have learned to drive without lights around here. And if you can believe it they have been courteous, stopping and letting people in. You would never believe it if you had seen it with your own eyes. There were a few incidents, one guy got shot and killed at a propane filling station, and I saw a couple of women get arrested in a gas station line, not really sure why, but I suspect that they were running some kind of scam.

The neighborhood hood has also been a bit strange. Children everywhere, I never knew there were so many children around here. I guess you just don't see them, there're either off to school or indoors, or off at some activity. But this last week they have been right outside my door. Kid's everywhere you look. That is the one thing about driving that made me nervous, all the kids, and there are so many trash piles on the curb. You have to be careful some kids don't run out while you driving down the street. Hopefully not that the electric is back they'll all go back to school and get off the streets.


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