Monday, September 26, 2005

Britain's Iraq pullout blueprint

"BRITISH troops will start leaving Iraq next May under detailed plans, drawn up by London and Washington, to be presented next month to the Iraqi Parliament.

The Observer newspaper quoted senior military sources saying the blueprint "will lay out a point-by-point 'road map' for military disengagement by multinational forces," with the first steps possibly soon after the December polls.

Britain's defence ministry denied the report but the issue was set to loom over the Labour Party's annual conference which opened yesterday.

Defence chiefs said troops will stay until "the job is done" and the military pull-out would occur at different times across the country.

The Observer insisted Britain had "privately" informed Japan of its plans, a move that would make it impossible for about 500 Japanese troops in the sector to remain."
The Courier-Mail
Their in, their out, I have no idea, everyday it's a different story. I'm sure that if the constitution is ratified and after the dec. polls everyone wants to at least pull back if not out. But I think that might depend on the constitution being ratified and the dec. polls going.


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