Monday, September 26, 2005

Saudi Arabia detains 682 for attempting entry from Iraq

"Saudi Arabia detained 682 people for illegally attempting to cross its borders from Iraq over the past six months, reports said Sunday.
The country increased its expenditure to secure its border with Iraq from approximately $480 million in 2004 to $1.066 billion since January, Saudi daily al-Watan reported.

The increased expenditure comes as Saudi Arabia continues its battle against terrorism, which it began May 2003 when a series of attacks on housing compounds claimed the lives of dozens of civilians.

Those responsible for the acts of violence since that time are said to include foreigners illegally in the country."
Finally they are minding the fucken border. FINALLY.

Oh and I just heard, on the Schnitt show that a Saudi prince bought up to 4.6% of News Corp. that's right the Fox News. maybe this little piece of news is not worth what you just paid to read it. I'll look for the link.


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