Monday, September 26, 2005

Farm tax breaks may get stricter

"Miami-Dade County leaders are pledging to get tough on developers and speculators who seek hefty tax breaks meant to keep farmers in business.

Florida's 1959 ''greenbelt'' law, designed to protect the agricultural industry from death by taxes, grants generous subsidies on land used for commercial farming.

But a recent Herald investigation found that most of the biggest financial beneficiaries of the tax breaks in South Florida are not farmers.

Some corporate landowners reap huge discounts by herding cows on rocky, littered lots slated for warehouses or subdivisions. In some cases, tax breaks continue even after construction begins...

...As the county steps up scrutiny of properties taxed as farmland, the Miami-Dade and Broward county property appraisers are crafting possible legislative reforms. The chairman of the Senate agricultural committee said he would put the greenbelt law on the Oct. 19 meeting agenda in response to the Herald series."
Miami Herald
Cannibalism, the right is starting to eat their own.


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