Friday, July 22, 2005

London Bombs: Mistakes pave the way for mistakes

"The terrorists in London attacks indicated that they are not just few people hate to see the British involvement of Iraq war, but a well organized and strong groups.

First of all these attacks appeared very well organized at least in its timing and planning. As in our previous articles we said that the terrorist may attack again in London in few days to prove their strength and ability and they did so. Though the second attack resulted in no causalities, a case which was explained by the London experts as luck, but they created a lot of chaos and insecurity which will take long time. However the attacks may even get more organized as we saw that in Iraq.

In Iraq they first used no tactics then they started to use police cars and uniform, booby-trapped belts, ambulances, fire engines, and so on. The same tactic may be used in London or in any other city."


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