Friday, July 22, 2005

Bike Woes

"Not too much to write about here lately. I messed up my bike this morning. I borrowed the tire pump to fill my front tire only to discover that I couldn't get the nozzle off the stem! Ended up ripping the stem right out of the tube. So now I get to grovel to Randy and see if he will fix my tire. He is kind of our local tinkerer and local bike scavanger. Seems to really enjoy keeping his hands in the grease. He picks up all the old bikes and makes new ones out of old ones. Even though I chose to buy a brand new one, I was planning on asking him to make some adjustments to my gears and maybe grease up the chain. The dust is so bad here that grease doesn't do its job very long before it's dried up and crumbling off the chain."
Dave's Not Here Man


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