Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mark Kraft answers to several comments

"This is very important, in case people missed it, I publish it on the front page without asking Mr. Kraft permission.
If he don’t feel comfortable with it, I will delete it.

In answer to several comments:

Yes, these kids are at risk of a speedy trial and quick execution — not from the U.S., but from the Iraqi government, which is starting to take over control of the prisons and prisoners. The Iraqi government has already executed several insurgents in a quick and questionably legal manner. Don’t expect it to get a lot of play in the news, however. See"
Baghdad Dweller
I for one am not convinced that the photos prove anything. I posted them here just so people that are interested could see them, but without any solid evidence they prove nothing to me. I could think of a completely innocent scenario of how the pictures came to be the way they are:
Mainly that those children drooped those weapons and ran before being shot, the US solider perused them to the place they found them and them collected the weapons. Easy as that to paint an innocent scenario. So without further's all conjecture

Link to the story behind this


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