Saturday, June 25, 2005

What's happening?

"We went to the suq (Market) today, first time in about months.. Cars were crowded at the gasoline stations in our way there.. LONG lines of cars whose drivers were waiting for their turn to fill them, standing a kilometer +/- away from the station as there are many cars In front of them!

We got there, it was not as crowded as it was the last time.. I bought a long shirt so I can wear it on the jeans when we go on vacation, and a baseball cap which I truly liked... The rest were for HNK, I didn't need anything else.

As I was buying my shirt, there was noise in the street, and suddenly the road was blocked. The brave national guards came with their guns aimed at us in a women's suq.. Bravery! Can't put it anyway else. They didn't let men (Usually, the owners of the shops) move in the street but the great women didn't fear at all and continued their shopping while the NGs were wondering in the streets and searching the men! Then, the NG, again aiming at us, moved to their cars, got in, moved while distributing leaflets that I didn't take a look at.. Leaflets started making me sick. All the phone numbers which are written on them are in my contacts list in the mobile now, but the writing on some of them are really dumb.."
A Star from Mosul


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