Friday, June 24, 2005

World exclusive: Iraqi Prime Minister

"In an exclusive interview with MSNBC-TV's 'Hardball,' Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari tells NBC's Senior White House Correspondent David Gregory he agrees with Vice President Dick Cheney that the insurgency is in its final throes. He also says he does "not call them insurgents," but rather, "terrorists" from outside of the country.

DAVID GREGORY, 'HARDBALL' GUEST HOST: Mr. Prime Minister, as you know, most Americans don't know. They don't see you. They haven't heard from you. What would you like to say to the American public that is, to say the least, pretty unsettled about how things are going in Iraq today?

IBRAHIM AL-JAAFARI, IRAQI PRIME MINISTER: It is not surprising that the Iraqi people do not know me because what we had before, which was the regime of Saddam Hussein, was a dictatorial regime that tried to annihilate and abolish anything to do with the Iraqi people. However, now, with the elimination of Saddam Hussein, people will come to know Iraqis, they will start to know them as talented politicians, artists and really, the face of Iraq to come will start to become more and more pronounced and will be known to the world."


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