Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"our history will be marked from before the election and after"

"I saw and heard in the media most of the reactions of the Iraqis in this election. But the most interesting comments that took my attention was that one of the Iraqi journalists who appeared in Al-Fayhaa TV said that this election marks the beginning of a new generation for Iraq. It is like we started a new Calendar for Democracy. As if the 30th of January will be 01/01/01 of the new Iraqi Calendar. Yes I agree with this journalist that it is a new age for Iraq. It is a new calendar and our history will be marked from before the election and after. It will be a turning point for Iraqis to refer to the events of their time as either being before democracy and after democracy. That was how we won the challenge and how we will make the new Iraq."
Iraq Today


Blogger AK said...

and now saudi arabia is voting. Seems the iraq war has lead to democratic reforms in arab world already

5:57 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Those elections were planed from before, and they are only just a decoration. They are only voting for the city councils seats. But only half of the seats are up for election the rest are appointed, and the election only took place in one, or maybe a few more, cities. They were not nation wide. The Saudis are just putting up a few decorations to deflect criticism.
But after all of that, there were elections in the heart of Islam.

9:50 PM  
Blogger madtom said...

Hey did anyone notice that the post your comments page looks different? Is it like this on all blogspot pages?

9:51 PM  

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