Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"The referundum card which was given out outside polling station on Sunday, 30th January 2005.

Around 95% of the participants in the informal independence poll in Kurdistan have voted for an independent Kurdistan.

This comes as reports suggest that the Kurdistan Alliance List has won %30 of the votes in the Iraqi Electoins.
The Kurdish-Turkmen-Arabic-Christian Brotherhood has also won %68 of the votes in Kirkuk. In some some neighbourhoods, the original Arabs of Kirkuk have also voted for the Kurdish-Turkmen-Arabic-Christian Brotherhood list.

Kurdish newspapers also reported on 2/2/05 that Jalal Talabani, the PUK leader has been chosen as Iraq's next president. "
Kurdo's World
I wonder how accurate these results are? If they are accurate, it's a stunning victory for the Kurdish people and their dream.


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