Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Al-Jazeera spams blog

"This is true and I think many of you missed it, this is the comment
I am a sunni and a patriot to Iraq.
I am a sunni who has not slept with the occupier or handed my sister over to the US soldiers who already came down my mother’s throat.
I am a sunni who chose not vote because of the evil conspiracy against me.

A conspiracy against me BECAUSE I am Iraqi.

I am a sunni and I spit on you all.

I spit on those Iraqis who believe themselves patriots to have voted.

Do you even know what you have done, you miserable Iraqi fuckers? hmmm?

You just voted away 1/3rd of Iraq’s territorial integrity. While you were dancing on US and Brit cock, hailing your new-found freedom to become slaves, the Kurds silently held a referendum on the future of the Kurdish areas.

What do you fuckers think they voted?

Yes, goodbye Iraq. Its nice to know freedom means breaking your country down to cantons.

Enjoy it you bastards, but remember what the French resistance did to the Vichy government. Your time will come.

Keep licking occupation boot. Everyone knows these blogs are bought and paid for by the US special ops.

You can see the comment here and it also pointed to a blog called “Destroy Iraq”

You will ask how do I know the comment is from Al-Jazeera?"
Bagdad Dweller
So I guess now we know what the people at that station really think about Iraq and it's people.


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